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Tired of the Paranormal being exploited for entertainment

Posted by Dr.Jean-Pierre on November 29, 2013 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (2651)

           We have decided that we have been used by Hollywood for the last time. I do not know any paranormal show on television that we like and seems authentic and real to anyone at this point. This whole mainstream phenomenon has ruined the paranormal field and taken away all credibility for people who really do this for the right reasons. This can be a great and even exciting field at times but there is a lot of nothing in it as well. That is something that you never see in any of the shows anymore. Ratings are king, helping people and furthering the field are not important.

           When I first started to research and investigate in the field it was an actual community, where people would help each other out. Now, the search for fame and fortune trumps any actual progress. I have not seen any important advancements in the mainstream for a long time. I find that no ones knows that there are many people in the field developing their own equipment, techniques and even theories that you do no hear about at all in the media.

           We have decided at this point to try and develop a platform for the real paranormal field to take center stage and create the sense of community that used to exist. It will be a web-series launching sometime next year by my organization. We want to educate as well as bring credibility to the field again. Not only do we want the public to be a part of this but others in the paranormal community as well. Our first step is to create a strong online and social media presence to get the info out to everyone. Check out this site, @ParanormalSCPD on twitter and this group on Facebook for updates.

Please stay tuned and we appreciate everyone's support.

-Dr. Jean-Pierre Giagnoli

Summertime= no ghosts?

Posted by Adam on July 2, 2009 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (3)

Well, it's that time of the year again when it's seems like paranormal cases slow down and investigations are few and far in between. Perhaps spirits cannot tolerate the heat or are they afraid of getting tan? Seriously though folks, we have been investigating the paranormal long enough to know that phone calls and reports of the paranormal are scarce in the summer. This is not to say that we never receive any cases, we simply notice that the amount of reports cannot compare to the amount we receive in the fall/ winter time. This is a perception that I'm sure many paranormal investigators notice.

I believe that the reason could possibly be the fact that most people don't notice as much paranormal activity when it is hot out. The reason being, that more people tend to be outside a great portion of the day rather than in the winter when most people spend a majority of their time indoors. Also, most people aren't thinking about the paranormal in the summer, whereas during the fall season we have Halloween where just about everyone thinks about ghosts.

 Even though we're usually focusing on life rather than the paranormal during the summer, we are always on the case keeping our eyes and ears open for new ideas, methods, and constantly reviewing old cases for new evidence and information. In a sense, I'd like to say that the summer is a good catch up time.