Castle Park

Location: Riverside, CA.

Lead Investigator(s): Jean-Pierre Giagnoli, German Sanchez, Thayla Barrett
Investigator(s): Marcello Giagnoli
Member(s): Mo Imperial, Tony Incorvia, Danielle Sandoval
Guest: Josh Imperial


Our research concluded that the area is Indian burial ground from the Tyler mall to the theme park with many myths and legends from the Cahuilla tribe. They are of Aztec decent and performed human sacrifices. Marcello came up with a human sacrifice as soon as we walked in the Big Top restaurant and he was not given the information prior.

We arrived at Castle Park at 11p.m.. Upon arrival, we met with the male employee and the lady from marketing, who also had her 2 kids with her. From there we waited for a few of the stragglers and headed into the Big Top Restaurant. It is shaped like a circus tent but is made out of metal and they have a stage as well for shows and magicians. We originally thought during our meeting that it could cause a problem ,but it seemed to be ok. We had much electrical interference regarding the back stage and other areas. This was cause for some headaches and could cause people to feel things. It seemed more centralized to certain rooms but we tested it to make sure. We were able to get stable readings away from those areas.

Immediately after walking into the Restaurant, Marcello and Jean-Pierre saw a black figure run towards the kitchen and again in the kitchen. They immediately went to investigate and didn’t find much. Once again the kitchen equipment hindered EMF readings. While in the kitchen Marcello and Jean-Pierre heard a woman screaming “Noooo!” No one else near them heard it but it was captured on Mo’s audio recorder on the other side of the kitchen. Although not as intense, you can hear Jean-Pierre say it after they heard it. It was very impressive to have what they heard actually caught on the recorder.
After that point, we finished the set up of video cameras on and behind the stage where most of the activity was reported, went dark, and started really covering the whole restaurant. Thayla took out her film camera and it immediately died so she put it away. Jean-Pierre took out his digital thermometer and wanted to get the base readings. The battery and device itself was fine but once he got to a spot where he got some strange temperature fluctuations it started to turn off and on and show weird symbols on the screen and then completely died.

At this point, we decided to leave the restaurant closed off to go and check out the rest of the park. One of the most talked about spots in and out of the park is right on the side of the 91 freeway there have been many accidents there over the years and a little too many to be coincidental.

On our first meeting at the park we realized that the freeway does not curve and is in fact perfectly strait. Besides some obviously reckless and drunk drivers, some had simply gone off the freeway. Marcello got some feelings and confirmed that some were reckless and others were almost pulled off the freeway by some force. (Keep in mind Marcello had no knowledge of any of this information before hand).

We debunked the shadows employees reported on the train tracks as the car lights from the freeway through the trees. We also headed to the back area where employees reported more activity and could find no source or evidence to prove or disprove this.

We decided to take a little break and the lady from marketing, her kids and the other male employee left us for the night with security. We realized then, that the whole time we had been walking that we all saw black figures almost watching us and keeping up with us throughout the park. While everyone was taking a little break , Jean-Pierre wandered over to the little train depot and looked around, he didn’t have his audio recorder with him but he started to ask questions and when he asked if there was anyone there he heard a female voice say “Who are you?” he explained who he was and heard nothing. He wanted to get his camera and take some pictures. He told her he was going to leave and then he heard the same voice say “Naw.” Or “No.” As he proceeded to go get his camera from another member he heard feet shuffling behind him and there was no one there. He got his camera told the team and they all headed there but whatever it was calmed down or left that spot because nothing happened after that.

From there, we headed to the mini golf course. It was right next to the castle but we were notified that we could not investigate it that night because of the level or clearance but we ended up investigating it the next week. As we walked to the golf Coarse Danielle and the security guard, Joe, saw a little boy near the castle. Something they told us after.

For starters one of the employees said that there is music playing on the golf course but it doesn’t play at night and he heard it from only one of the mini buildings on the course. Jean-Pierre went straight for that one and it was playing so he immediately went to other ones to find out if they were playing too. A few other members went with and found that they were all playing at night but very low and a few have higher tones and louder speakers or music. Our team felt good that we could debunk that.

Everyone spread out on the course. Marcello, Danielle, the security guard and Jean-Pierre went to an employee building just behind the course. They walked up a set of metal stairs and Jean-Pierre knocked on the door a few times and the second time he did, he heard running in the building. This was so intense the stairs actually shook because of it. It sounded like bare feet on carpet running. 3 steps were heard and felt. Security assured them that no one was there.

After this, everone mostly went to other reported spots not encountering much more than those black figures that had been seen all night throughout the park. So about 2:30 am everyone decided to call it a night. We took a group picture and headed back to the Big Top to break down.

Jean-Pierre noticed that his Hi8 camera was physically shut off and it does not do that automatically. The team headed home for the night to sleep and than go over the evidence.

Update: We found a ton of EVPs from screams to what sounds like native speech and photographic evidence from that night.

February 6, 2008 5-7 a.m.

Lead Investigators: Jean-Pierre and Marcello Giagnoli.

Members: Danielle Sandoval.

On the first investigation, Jean-Pierre spoke with the man who got us in the park and set up the castle investigation for the next week at 5 a.m. We left the house at 4 a.m. and headed out. We arrived at the same time as the main guy and the same security guard from the first night was also on duty that morning. So we parked near the castle and went in to set up.

We immediately started hearing sounds and could not find a natural source for them, so we went on our way to set up equipment. The hot spots reported were the middle of the arcade and around the arcade in general. There were also reports of sounds on the roof and moving of the metal flags on top.

A video camera was set up in the middle and another was handheld by Marcello. We went through the ghost blasters ride for a little but didn’t find much, employees report a creepy feeling but we didn’t feel that. There were ghosts but they were cut outs for the ride. After a little bit in there we walked out then proceded to the castle towers and roof.

Once on the roof it was very hard to do much with all the sounds of traffic from the freeway but I did catch some strange EMF readings up there and marcello confirmed that a man was responsible for the sounds and flags moving. An employee mentioned they were very hard to move and we tested that to conclude that they are.

We headed back in and stayed for awhile looking around and continued to hear noises. Jean-Pierre mentioned to the main guy that we have a member who is referred to as a demon warrior and he rids places of demons and many other things. So we closed the castle off and headed to the train tracks by the freeway where many accidents have happened. My brother said that the force he felt there was very weak and almost non-existent.

The Cahuilla tribe has a legend called the Taqwus - A trickster god, he comes out at night to steal souls and cause mischief. This was an idea for us and could be something that caused some accidents. Hopefully we have helped them out in this respect.

We than headed back over to the castle and spent some more time in there before ending out investigation.

Some of our personal experiences are; Marcello confirmed a little boy in the arcade, Jean-Pierre saw a little boy, lights and sounds/movement when we were there and no one was around and moving objects on the air hockey table and ski balls.

Some interference were reflections from the arcade machines and major electrical boxes in certain areas.



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