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Do you feel unexplainable cold spots?
Do hear noises when no one is around?
Are you feeling tormented by an unseen presence?
Have you seen a ghost?

We do not always do investigations due to covid, lack of availability and resources but we still offer assistance via email and phone for further assistance and to find other teams visit


Please feel free to contact the Southern California Paranormal Detectives. We are a non-profit group and don't believe in charging for our services. We mostly cover the So.Cal area but will consider other areas including out-of-state. One of our lead detectives, Adam Cadabona, is currently stationed in Oklahoma City in the Air Force. If you live in or around the Oklahoma City area, please feel  free to contact him at his e-mail below.

To request assistance or any questions, comments, and concerns, please e-mail us at :


[email protected]



For personal contact information:

Lead Investigators:

Founder/ Parapsychologist/ Lead Detective:

Dr. Jean-Pierre Giagnoli - [email protected]

Co-Founder/ Webmaster:(Currently located in Oklahoma)

Adam Cadabona- [email protected]



Public Information


Throughout the year we hold public Investigations for the public to learn and experience what we do as an organization feel free to contact us in any form you choose to join us. We are always open for questions and any information you may need. Please add us on Facebook for the most up to date info.

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