Nov. 17, 2005 - Enchanted Forest (REVISITED)

Location: Enchanted Forest located at the top of Lake street in Alta Dena, Pasadena

Lead Investigator(s): Jean-Pierre Giagnoli, Adam Cadabona, German Sanchez
Investigator(s): Marcello Giagnoli
Guest(s): Jon S., Travis P., Guillermo C., Andrew T., Alan B.

Time: approx. 9:30p.m. - 11:30p.m.

Investigation: We arrived at the gate to meet our guests that wanted to explore this location with us. We have been here before and knew the area very well. There was a little wind and the temperature was cool. The moon was almost full which lit the forest for us. We started up the trail to the left first.

The first odd experience was when Marcello and Jean-Pierre witnessed what appeared to be a young boy running down the side of the hill. Marcello, our own psychic, received the name, " Scott" . We then continued up the hill to the remains of what used to be a mansion. All that was left was a staircase that led to a bush. Nothing paranormal happened in that area.

We then continued off the trail through the forest and eventually found a dirt path that led down to a dried up riverbed. Next to the riverbed we found a small cove covered by trees. Inside the cove we found what appeared to be two small marked graves. Were these, perhaps, the graves of the two children that fell off the cliffs to their deaths? As soon as we touched the crosses that marked the graves, something approached us, something evil. All of a sudden the air around us didn' t just get warm, it got hot! We started to move away knowing well that heat could represent a demonic being. As we moved away Adam saw two red eyes glaring from the a bush. When we got out of the cove, we turned around and discussed what had happened. Suddenly we heard footsteps in the leaves in the back of the cove. The footsteps came closer and another wave of heat surrounded us and the bush began to shake. A majority of the group began to run and Jean-Pierre saw what appeared to be a demon with red eyes emerge from the bush. At that moment we all began to run, not knowing for sure what it was. We stopped halfway up the hill where the heat met us. After some deliberation, we then decided to venture back down to the cove to try and figure out what had happened. Nothing else of significance happened that night.

Haunted?: Recurring Investigation

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