Investigations/ Data

Here is a list of most of our investigations. The locations with links are our investigation reports. Some of our reports have pictures of interest located on the "Photos" page. The locations without links are private investigations and are held confidential by request of the owners. We prefer to list our private residence cases by city and not display the reports to protect the privacy of the owners.We have also placed some data we have collected over the years at the bottom.

Private Residences

  • Lynewood, CA
  • Oceanside, CA
  • Fullerton, CA
  • Bell, CA
  • Marina Del Ray, CA
  • West Covina, CA
  • San Dimas, CA
  • Edmond, OK
  • Buena Park, CA
  • Huntington Beach, CA
  • Big Bear City, CA
  • Chatsworth, CA
  • San Bernardino, CA
  • Lakewood, CA
  • Highland, CA
  • Alta Loma, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Lemon Grass, CA
  • Whittier, CA
  • Anaheim, CA
  • Lawndale, CA
  • Bellflower, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Hawaiian Gardens, CA
  • Rialto, CA
  • Lake Elsinore, CA
  • Las Vegas, NV


Public Places


We have done many investigations and based on our investigations we have come up with data relating to our cases and the types of evidence and frequency we catch. This is of the entire team.

These are out of roughly 800 official investigations.

We have an 88% of personal paranormal experiences

We have  5% of capturing strange video evidence.

We have 70% of capturing strange audio evidence.

We have 80% of experiencing what the clients experienced.

We have 55% communication/ strange readings with the K2/ EMF meters.

We have 10% strange temperature readings.

We have 60% noises/ voices we heard and captured at the same time.

90% of our cases so far deal with the ghostly phenomenon the others have been UFO,  Crypto-zoology, and on rare occasions what are considered government or military conspiracies.

Something we have also found that is in our blog. We seem to get less cases in the summer and we believe it is because people tend to have the summer off and spend less time at home.