Knott's Berry Farm

Location: Buena Park, CA.

Investigation: I (Jean-Pierre) had worked there for 2 years. When I turned in my 2 week notice, some of my friends and I stayed after closing to visit some of the known haunted areas of the park.

CAMP SNOOPY-The first night we stayed, we went over to Camp Snoopy and it was very active. We looked from Fiesta Village into Camp Snoopy and wherever there were lights (ex. Soda machines) we could see shadows running by and all four of us saw them. We first ventured inside the Peanuts Playhouse. The first thing that happened was on the top floor I looked up and saw a child run by one of the windows as well as heard noises. (Side note: On a work night I was asked to go help close the playhouse and the music started when no one was around or near the music) There used to be a window which is now blocked off where you could see the little girl. I am a witness to this.

FIESTA VILLAGE- Jaguar and Montazooma's Revenge have the same spirit haunting. Both are of a man I believe from what I have seen and heard seems like it could be a former employee. Music in fiesta will turn on certain speakers and follow you. One night while working La Revolucion, the lap bar switched moved by itself when no one was at or near the panel. I went to bring the keys back to Montazooma's Revenge and I had some footsteps follow me on the dock of the ride. While working Wave Swinger I saw a lady under the ride I yelled at her and stopped the ride and when I went to look, there was no one there and none of the guests saw her either when I asked.

CALICO MINE RIDE- On another night we went up to the Calico mine ride to investigate. There was no one around and all the ride power was off. We kept on hearing this banging sound and couldn't figure out where it was coming from until we got to the glory hole part of the ride. An animatronic on the side of the hole was still hammering away when all the power was shut off.

KINGDOM OF THE DINOSAURS (KOD)-update-torn out. After it was closed Adam and I went up to see what was going on up there because we had heard all the stories and had our own experiences. From all my talks with maintenance they only work right after the park is closed not all night. They leave a little after the rides people do, so we knew no one was there. We were coming up the hill part and heard someone walking in front of us. Adam ran and I followed. When we first got up there the music was going on and off which was very weird as well.

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