The La Habra Depot Theatre

Date: Dec. 6, 2005

Lead Investigator(s): Jean-Pierre Giagnoli, Adam Cadabona, German Sanchez
Investigator(s): Marcello Giagnoli, Derek Cadabona
Guest(s): Bonnie Vent, Joe, Edson Montenegro

Time: approx. 7:00p.m. - 11:00p.m.

Investigation: We were contacted by La Habra Depot Theater and they were very excited for us to come and investigate. We had decided, along with the theater that Dec. 12th at 7p.m. was the best time for everyone. As the date drew near, the theater continued to keep in contact with us almost on a daily basis with new information on media coverage. It occurred so often we actually worried there would be too many people and the investigation would lose validity but it ended up being a wonderful evening with some great experiences and no problems.

We invited renowned psychic Bonnie Vent with us and she brought along a few people that work with her to bring their expertise and helping us find some of the more haunted spots in the theater. Marcello Giagnoli, one of our own investigators is also psychic and brought a lot that evening as well, standing in the spot where a man had died and describing him and impressing the staff with his ability. The rest of the group brought along their equipment such as night vision cameras, EMF meters, digital cameras, and temperature meters. Mostly sound was caught throughout the theater on camera and sound recorders. An experiment done in the train car with a temperature meter discovered many erratic changes in the temperature when questions were asked. They fluctuated from 60 degrees F, which was the base temperature in the train car, to 30-45 degrees F. When a question was asked at one point the temperature even went down to 20 degrees. A reporter from the Star Progress witnessed this event along with the sounds that occurred at the same time. During the temperature change on top of the train car we heard sounds, which resembled someone walking on top of it, when there was no one there at the time and you can't get on top of the train car.

Some of the tests we did were leaving our infrared nightvision cameras in the train car for about 2 hours locked and we heard some interesting sounds although no visuals were discovered, placing a digital sound recorder in a closet where there is rumored to be the spirit of a little girl and recieving readings in the train car with an Electro Magnetic Field meter or EMF for short. The voice recorder did get some strange sounds and voices and the EMF meter got some very high spikes in certain spots. This all took place in the train car. The last thing we did that evening before finishing up was go dark in the actual theater and I, Jean-Pierre Giagnoli, actually saw a manifestation of the little girl known as Molly but it was only of her face. Very strange, but not scary it was a very gentle presence. I looked at it and it seemed to stare at me and than I looked away and it vanished. Adam Cadabona also saw something like a vortex with his infrared scope in the booth where I saw the little girl. That was our evening at The La Habra Depot Theater. We will let you know any further information we get of the building.

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