-S.C.P.D.members featured on Haunted History on channel H2 for the Manson Murders.

-S.C.P.D. featured in an article in the October issue of "L'ovest", a Japanese magazine.      Click HERE (pg. 12)

-Another book featuring S.C.P.D. A big thank you to Victoria Gross for this great book on the ghosts in our very own Orange County.



-S.C.P.D. is referenced in the book below.
This book his highly recommended for those interested in the paranormal and for any paranormal investigator...... some great information.



-S.C.P.D. media appearance. Check it out!
Guide to Getting a Life - SoCal Paranomal Detectives
Watch This Episode on


-2nd Article on The La Habre Depot Theatre.
Check out the Nov. 9 Star-Progress article on the La Habra Depot Theatre. They refer to us as "parapsychologists" and mention our investigation and photo of Molly.


-S.C.P.D in the NEWS.
Check out the Dec. 15 Star-Progress' article on our most recent investigation at the La Habra Depot Theater. You can read the article here. Unfortunately, they called the group the Orange County Paranormal Detectives... oh well, what can you do? Great article none the less.


 -Haunted Hollywood Walks
We met Frank Manis around early 2004 and unfortunately he passed away late May that same year. Here's an old Article we came across on his haunted Hollywood walks.


-Report from Richard Senate
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