Olivas Adobe

Location: Ventura, CA.

Investigation: This is one of the oldest Adobes around. We were given the honor of a personal investigation by Richard Senate, one of the foremost authorities on the paranormal. We got an all access tour, even places where most people aren't allowed to go. The strangest place was the cellar of this adobe it was very cold and there is said to be buried treasure in it. By the time we had spent about 20 minutes in there the feeling was that something did not want us in there. A lot of orbs on camera, cold spots and strange feelings. We did a separate tour at night with other people. This was a very interesting night. In one of the rooms there were a few of us and we heard some noises right in front of us. Also, dousing rods were used to ask some questions and one was if the lady in black would show herself. Jean-Pierre was in the dinning room and saw her outside in front of the adobe.

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