Rancho Capistrano

Aug. 12, 2005
Lead Investigator(s): Jean-Pierre Giagnoli
Investigator(s): Marcello Giagnoli
Guest(s): Allen B., Carlos

Time: approx. 11:30p.m. - 3a.m.

Investigation: My(Jean-Pierre) friend, Carlos, works at Rancho Capistrano and his friend was telling him stories about the supposed haunted locations on the property, so he invited the Southern California Paranormal Detectives to come down to investigate. It is one of the latest investigations the group has done, which is a good thing because the later it is the better. Me, Marcello, and Allen B headed out from my house about 10:45pm and arrived just a little before 11:30pm. We met up with Carlos and one of his friends and they brought us to the church first.

Problems began off the bat even before entering the church. I had bought two packs of AA batteries that day and all the batteries were drained completely. The expiration dates on the batteries were 2010. I don’t know if they were defective or if something else caused the problems. The batteries were for my digital camera so I went to put it down because it did not want to work. Everyone decided to go inside and start the investigation. As my friend opened one of the giant doors of the church we immediately felt a different energy coming from the lobby. We walked into almost complete darkness except for the exit signs. Marcello, our group psychic, was feeling a lot of commotion with the spirits and in the lobby wasn’t able to get much of a vibe from anyone in particular. We went to the church first through another set of giant doors. As soon as we walked in, there were many sounds like movement around us. On the right side, which was mostly glass, we heard something pound on a window and there were no birds outside or anything that could be seen from the windows. I got some high spikes from my EMF meter at the windows and there were no energy sources which was strange. I turned on my digital audio recorder near the window, asked a few questions and left it there while I went to investigate the other parts of the church. No EVP was found. On the stage area near a cross there was a cold spot and EMF spikes, all moving around and could be followed. Marcello received three names in the church Alicia, Melissa and John. He also said when he asked one of the females to show herself she said I don’t want it. We were pretty much done doing our sweep of the church and started to head out when Carlos’s friend noticed that a candleholder was in a different position than it was when we went in. We went back to that spot and I got some readings with my EMF but it seemed to move when we got close to it. I could trace the energy with my EMF. We finally left after that when Carlos’s friends once again realized something. He said that when he played the piano in the church things started to act up. He started to play and the room became very cold. It especially affected my brother. I actually saw a large man manifest in front of the doors of the church at that time but once Carlos’s friend stopped playing it vanished.

We finally left the room and entered the hallway of office on the opposite side of the lobby. As soon as we entered we stopped and I caught a whiff of something and after a few seconds realized it smelled like garlic. There was a table where the smell was coming from but nothing was around the table that would create that smell and there was nothing but a classroom on the other side of the wall. We stayed in there for a bit and the smell had dissipated. We than moved outside where there was a pond on the side of the church. Not too much happened out their but Marcello saw the book on the piano inside the church move from the window and we still have to check the video for that.

Carlos closed the church up and we continued to a small trailer where they have classrooms. The property was so big that we had to drive to every location. Many orbs were caught on the digital photos outside. Once we entered the trailer it was very hot, not anything paranormal but just very hot inside. I was always the first one in to all of the places. In this location I saw an old lady’s face in a blanket that was draped over something. Carlos who knows all the hauntings there confirmed my experience. Nothing really went on in there a few EMF readings and no EVP. It was so hot in there that we left early. Another experience was after we got outside of there I saw many shadows in the quad area.

Now we move on with the adventure to the three condemned houses on the property nestled up in the vast hills and trails of Rancho Capistrano. We went up to the first two, one in front and one in back many bats and beetles around the houses. We went to the front one and as usual I opened the door and went in first after a few seconds my EMF completely died on me. It began to work again once we got away from the houses. We stayed in there for a few minutes but it was very small so we moved out and went over to the back house. We had to make a path to the back house because it was all covered with shrubbery. There was also a second floor but the stairs were covered by shrubbery as well therefore we could not go upstairs. We found a door for downstairs and proceeded inside. As we turned the corner to the hallway and back door we found a set of stairs that led down. We got very excited but as we descended we found out it was very small. There were handprints and footprints painted all over the walls, floor and stairs. There were also bees down there. We went out the back door and didn’t find much so we went back to the SUV because Allen and Carlos’s friend waited for us. Allen had just gotten injured and could not handle the rough terrain. So we went back to the house showed him and came right back out than proceeded to the third house on the other side of the hills and trails. This house was much bigger and had a lot of tagging inside and was a mess. The photos taken from the outside contain a few anomalies. There was also a worn out shake near this house, which was disgusting and small. We were going to leave but Carlos told us to check out the “Back 40” that’s what they call the back 40 acres of the land. Just trails and an old wagon trail. There were a few experiences there. We heard something along side us when we were outside of the SUV. When we began to leave something was chasing the car. I saw a person between the orange trees and when I said I had seen something the driver stopped fast and there was nothing there and no way anyone could have hidden that fast, the trees were thin as well. We finished up in the Chapel and kitchen but it was clam and we didn’t have any experiences in these places. It was so big and there was so much that we will be going back soon for further investigation..

Haunted?:Requires further investigation.

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