Nov. 11, 2005 - Redlands, CA

Lead Investigator(s): Jean-Pierre Giagnoli, Adam Cadabona
Investigator(s): Marcello Giagnoli, Annie Cadabona
Guest(s): None

We visited two locations here:

Barton Mansion

Investigation: We were very happy to have been able to go and check this place out, but disappointed as well. From what we saw inside and out, it is now a business building and there is nothing going on there. It is the last place anyone would think is haunted at least from going inside. The outside looks nice and historic but you cannot really call it a mansion. We probably would have to say with our findings that the video from this supposedly haunted place is a possible hoax.

Prospect Park

Location: Park located near downtown Redlands.
Time: approx. 6:30p.m. - 8:30p.m

Investigation: A few strange occurrences in this park. All of us heard what we believed to be voices and footsteps as well as seeing a few things mostly black figures that everyone saw. Jean-Pierre saw some white figures as well. Marcello received some names with his psychic ability and explained some things that may have happened in the park. Update-Video from prospect park shows black figure walk into frame and disappear footage and all kinds of (EVP) Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Check out our video section

Conclusion: After reviewing the video and pictures, we concluded that there is possibly more than one presence at the park. Especially in the trees near the road. Otherwise the park was a very nice place to visit. It also seems safe as we witnessed some teens filming a homemade movie as we were leaving the park.

Results: We believe this place contains some paranormal activity and requires further research and investigation. 

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