The Alley

Lead Investigator(s): Jean-Pierre Giagnoli, Adam Cadabona
Investigator(s): Marcello Giagnoli, Derek Cadabona
Guest(s): Ryan, Roxanne Michelle Orona-Staymates

Time: approx. 10:00p.m. - 1 a.m.

Investigation: First of all we would like to say a big thank you to Roxanne for her research and contacting the owner of The Alley who permitted us to perform an investigation.

We were contacted by Roxie via e-mail regarding a small club located in Fullerton, CA which caters to local bands. She had recently attended a small venue at the location and took some digital pictures which she later believed could contain possible orbs. After viewing the pictures through the e-mail, we agreed that it was possible there were orbs. Roxie then preceded to contact the owner of The Alley who, in return, allowed us to conduct an investigation. We first met up with Roxie at about 10:00 p.m. There was a band still performing at the time so we decided to sit down outside at a nearby restaurant and have a sort of meet-and-greet. After about thirty minutes the performance ended and the The Alley was quickly emptied of people. We then met up with the owner who gave us a brief history of the location. He told us that a few years ago, a man was shot and killed at a hip-hop venue. Since the incident, there were many reports of paranormal activity, "Too many to count" as the owner told us. He also explained that about a year ago, a cleansing was performed to rid the place of "ghosts". He said that there hasn't been any reported activity since then, so when Roxie sent him the pictures he wondered if whatever it was came back. After hearing his story we figured that the orbs in the photos were most likely dust, sweat, or a glare. Nevertheless we continued with the investigation.

The rooms were fairly small so we only set up two video cameras on tripods. One was faced towards the stage , the other was placed backstage. We went dark for a couple of hours taking plenty of digital still pictures, monitoring the room temperature, and taking EMF readings. During this time we experienced no paranormal activity.

Although The Alley is an interesting place, we believe that the cleansing took care of whatever possibly haunted the location. We believe that this location is not currently haunted. We did meet some great people, however, and found a new member to our group.


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